Who am I

Growing up in the archetypal post-war American suburb of Levittown past its “prime” left me wanting more. After cutting my teeth as a door-to-door 720 by 90 salesman at my first job out of college,  twenty-two-year-old me stumbled into the erratic world of Ad Tech at Operative Media in the great city of New York. I would joke that working at Operative at that time was like receiving a Master’s degree in Ad Tech while getting paid! The skills I gained at Operative gave me the upper hand when applying to Krux where I initially implemented the Data Management Platform for publishers. Hard work, a little time, and a hell of a Product Marketing team sealed Krux’s acquisition by Salesforce in 2016.  Salesforce was on the upswing when I joined that year. Even so, after two years, I was left wondering what would happen if I took everything I’d learned and applied it to one “customer.” The West Coast called my name in the form of Activision Publishing. While there, I dove headfirst into the dynamic world of gaming. As Director of Marketing Analytics and audience Development, I played a pivotal role in launching Call of Duty Warzone, which achieved over a staggering 100 million downloads. Using a best-in-class audience strategy we leveraged Warzone as a pipeline to increase sales of our premium titles. As vital as this methodology was to get the game into the hands of Call of Duty’s target audience, I learned that toxicity and negativity come with the territory of gaming. This felt like an important problem to solve in the industry.  This line of thinking led me to Spectrum. Now, as Head of Solutions & Analytics at Spectrum Labs, I have the opportunity to merge my technical expertise with my deep understanding of customer needs, driving growth and innovation in the rapidly evolving sphere of digital safety.



My philosophy is to empower and unblock my teams to allow them to do their best work. I promote growth through curiosity and calculated risk-taking.



Creative decision-making and problem-solving balances data-driven insights with imaginative strategies, fostering innovation and driving exceptional results in complex, dynamic environments.



 Setting realistic goals and expectations with a  focused approach consistently drives outstanding results, highlighted by significant achievements


What I do


Managing your audiences effectively is a critical aspect of today’s business environment, characterized by challenges such as data privacy regulations, audience fragmentation, and the benefits of personalized engagement. As the Director of Marketing Analytics and Audience Development at Activision Publishing, I built an Audience Development Team, a fluid segmentation strategy, and a robust identity graph, enabling personalization at strategic touchpoints throughout the player’s journey.

Joining Krux in 2014 gave me a front-row seat to the data cloud revolution. Learning the fundamental benefits a DMP could provide marketers and publishers gave me a strong foundation to navigate data privacy and the transition to the CDP space.


Marketing infrastructure plays a critical role in the automation, efficiency, and success of a modern marketing team. Leveraging conversion exclusion by itself could save millions in wasted marketing dollars. Throughout my career, I’ve played instrumental roles in developing and implementing marketing infrastructure at renowned organizations, leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven strategies.
At Activision, I developed blueprints for a multi-channel attribution model and an in-house “composable” CDP using Databricks and the data cleanroom Habu.

I have hands-on experience evaluating, implementing and driving adoption for the following technology: Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Ads Data Hub, AWS (S3, Redshift), Bash, Braze, ChatGPT API, Databricks, Datorama, GCP (BigQuery), Google Analytics, Habu, LiveRamp, Looker, Snowflake, Spectrum Labs (Guardian), Stable Diffusion, StatSocia, Tableau, Audience Studio (Krux), Adobe Test & Target, AppsFlyer, FlashTalking, FreeWheel, Google Ad Manager, Google Campaign Manager, Optimizely.


Advanced analytics have become table stakes to effectively do business. The ability to make data-driven decisions is needed to help businesses reach their objectives. I’ve led Marketing Analytics teams and team that have created advanced dashboards for product analytics. To do so I’ve leveraged tools such as Databricks, Looker, Snowflake, and Tableau.

Launching Call of Duty Warzone at Activision Publishing, which amassed 100 million player downloads, required an advanced analytics strategy. This included incrementality testing (test and control groups), DMA testing, an attribution model, and a marketing mix model.


Live Operations (Live Ops) in the gaming industry entails constantly updating and refining games based on player behavior and feedback, a process fraught with various challenges including player retention, delivering timely updates, and balancing monetization with player satisfaction. In my role at Activision Publishing, I navigated the complex world of Live Ops for the successful launch of Call of Duty Warzone. Contributing to 100 million player downloads, I used advanced analytics and audience data to understand player behavior, enabling the delivery of timely updates and personalized experiences. I regularly met with C-level executives to strategize and communicate Live Ops progress and challenges, demonstrating my adeptness at handling the multifaceted dynamics of Live Ops in a fast-paced and evolving industry.

Trust and Safety in the digital realm is an increasingly complex challenge, entailing the protection of user privacy, maintaining community standards, and mitigating risks such as toxic behavior, harassment, and data breaches. As the Head of Solutions & Analytics at Spectrum Labs, a key part of my role involved tackling Trust and Safety issues by equipping customers with tools for SaaS NLP platform implementation.

This process allowed for the effective identification and management of toxic behavior, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and creating safer digital environments. In addition, I worked to assess toxicity prevalence and solution effectiveness, further cementing my role in ensuring Trust and Safety.

In this era of increasingly stringent data protection regulations and escalating cybersecurity threats, my experience underscores the importance of innovative, robust, and adaptable Trust and Safety measures in protecting users and maintaining their trust.

Everything needed
to propel your data driven marketing



Back-end data tools form the backbone of data architecture, enabling effective data storage, management, and processing.



Front-end data tools play a crucial role in visualizing and interacting with data, turning complex data sets into user-friendly insights and dashboards.



This allows organizations to automate processes, gain valuable insights, personalize customer experiences, and optimize marketing efforts.



Keep your game interesting and its players active over time, regular updates, new features, and in-game events.


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